Argentine Tango in Izegem

Season Sept-Dec 2022

Aurore Chadoin & Sebastian Motter,
Mariane Deprez & Frederik Devroe and
Liz & Yannick Vanhove



By Mariane & Frederik:
19h15 - 20h30: Beginners
20u30 - 21h45: Intermediate

By Aurore & Sebastian
19h15 - 20h30: Intermediate+


By Liz & Yannick
19h45 - 21h: Advanced - FULL
21h - 22h: Show tango for advanced tango dancers or dancers from an other discipline that are used to
                     copy movements. This group will perform on the 10th of december during Milonga Mi Vida in Izegem.

21h00 - 00h00: Practica, entry €3.

The classes by Mariane & Frederik and by Liz & Yannick start the week of the 12th of september.
The classes by Aurore & Sebastian start the 26th of september.
The series of 12 classes is €160 per person. For Show tango it is €130 p.p.
When you register for multiple series of classes, within this same season, there is a discount of €10 per series.

Registration can be done through ledenbeheer using the following link:

Life Danscenter
Lodewijk de Raetlaan 2
8870 Izegem


By registering for a series of classes you declare to agree with our General Conditions (Algemene Voorwaarden).