Team Tangorrion

>Our teachers season april 2020 are Alberto & Fernanda.

>Find out more about Niko and Belén on their website:


*LIZ & YANNICK Vanhove are the founders of Tangorrion.

They learned their first steps in Argentine Tango in 2001 and after a 2-year stay in Buenos Aires, they founded Tangorrion in January 2010 with the aim of sharing their knowledge of the authentic Argentine Tango.
In 2012 they became European champions Tango Salon, vice champions Tango Escenario and finalists of the world championship! This led to the start of their international career.
If they are not working in Buenos Aires, they are touring in Europe or the US.
After 8 years, Tangorrion has become an established value in the Belgian tango landscape where many tango dancers from home and abroad have already attended series and / or workshops. At the beginning of 2018, Liz and Yannick decided to focus entirely on their international tours and their successful tango weeks "Tango pour les Bon Vivants" in Dordongne. (


Dieter and Davy have been running Life Dance Center in Izegem since September 2005. Their dance school grew over the years into an established value in West Flanders. Titles on international formation competitions and successful participation in So You Think You Can Dance and Belgium's Got Talent gave a boost to Life Dance Center. (
In the summer of 2016, Dieter and Davy got married and wanted an opening dance in a style that was still unknown to them. Before that they approached Liz and Yannick and got to know the Argentinian Tango in the year before their marriage. They were immediately impressed by this pure and powerful dance and decided to delve further into this beautiful style.
Tangorrion had taken a special place in their hearts for Dieter and Davy and they didn't have to think twice to give a second life to such a beautiful school. In order to be able to work everything in an organizational manner, Dieter and Davy sat around the table with Eveline Verhaeghe to manage the daily operation of Tangorrion.
From September 2018, Eveline, Dieter and Davy will take over the organizational torch. The principle remains, namely every season an international couple comes to give a Argentinian Tango season for the different levels.

Eveline attended classical ballet in her childhood and was a busy bee by nature. After school, she made a successful career in the sales sector and bought a house, which she completely renovated into a gem. The pressure and stress to maintain this standard of living did not give her the satisfaction she was looking for, so in the summer of 2016 Eveline decided to put her life on hold here and start exploring the world with the backpack. She booked a one-way ticket to Asia and would see what came her way, without plans, without a goal.
Finally she traveled through Asia and Africa for a year and a half. She was inspired by yoga and came back to Belgium reborn. In Belgium she likes to share her new energy in the form of yoga classes and re-education weeks. You can find all the relevant information on her website:

Returning to the sales sector was no longer on Eveline's path. Dieter and Davy, however, came to Eveline with a different proposal, namely recording the daily operation of Tangorrion supported by Life Dance Center. Tango and Yoga are not so far apart in a way. Everything comes down to connection: with each other, with our environment, with ourselves. Eveline immediately felt the fire burning for this beautiful school and jumped on board.